About the Game

Gladiator: Fight To The Finish is a 2-person card game that lets you experience the deadly dance of fighting with sword and shield.

An average game takes only 20 minutes and will keep you on edge as you strive to reduce your opponent – before she takes you down.  You must plot your attacks carefully –  when to thrust, block, dodge or retreat –  as you deftly move closer to delivering the decisive blow. 

The game ends when one gladiator has stopped the fight to plea for his life –  or lies stretched out dead on the sand.

Half the fun –  and heartbreak! –  comes with naming your fighters and tracking their careers.  If you are skilled (or lucky) enough to survive many fights, you could be granted your freedom and crowned a champion.

Multiple players can easily become involved taking turns fighting the victor while the audience places their bets.

Fight To The Finish is based on extensive research, but designed to be fast moving and easily learned for ages around 12 and up.

Prove your wits and strength and rise from obscurity to fame and fortune.

some tips and tricks

Let the Games begin!

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