GLADIATOR: Fight to the Finish

Experience the deadly dance of fighting with sword and shield in this exciting 2-Player card game.

Historical Insights & Myth-busting

Learn more about how the gladiators lived – and died

Some people actually dress up and do this – with metal swords

What you get

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GLADIATOR: Fight to the Finish comes with:

  • 2 decks of hi-quality cards for large and small shield fighters
  • fully illustrated rules
  • 2 custom Roman numeral dice
  • 40 tally sheets to track the careers of your gladiators
  • master tally sheet to make additional copies
  • sturdy box

The gladiator on the right has lost his shield and thrusts in vain past his opponent, who deals the death blow

Advance Praise

“I’ve been waiting for a game like this all my life!”

― Kickstarter Patron

“Wait, let’s play again.”

― Test-player

About Us

This game is the result of a childhood dream and a generation of play.